luxury press on nails for the everyday baddie


What will my order come with?

Every order will come with a set of 10 custom nails, 1 application kit (nail file, nail glue, alcohol wipe, cuticle pusher), and application/removal instructions.

How long does it take to receive my nails?

All sets are completely handmade so processing time right now is 7-10 business days. Sets that are labeled as Ready to Ship (RTS) will ship within 1 business day!

How will I know they'll fit?

You can follow the quick sizing instructions, found in the Sizing tab, or order a sizing kit, which is recommended for the most accurate sizing.

How long do they last?

All nails, when applied correctly last from 1-3 weeks at a time, best part is they're reusable so you can wear them over and over again!

What are they made with?

All handmade nails are made with gel tips, only gel polish, and reinforced with gel fx builder gel for long wear and high durability.

Can I customize my order?

Yes! You can order a completely custom set, for more instruction please visit the 'Custom Nails' tab in the drop down menu. Also, all sets, excluding RTS sets, can be customized. For specific customizations like custom sizing, color change, or special additions please leave a note in the special instructions after adding set to your cart.

Do you ship outside of the U.S?

Yes! International shipping is offered, shipping totals are calculated at checkout.

How do you pronounce Kacidilla?

Kacidilla is pronounced like, Quesadilla (kay-sa-dia). Check out our about page to learn more!