luxury press on nails for the everyday baddie

About Us

Kacidilla Nails is where you'll find luxury press on nails for the everyday baddie! We believe that looking good and feeling good should go hand in hand without breaking the bank. High quality handmade nails, wearable for everyday use, are our top priority.
Created in May of 2020 in Philadelphia, PA, I made it my goal to make nail art more affordable and accessible, especially during a time when a lot of nail salons were closed due to the pandemic.
Kacidilla Nails was named after a play on one of my nicknames, 'Quesadilla', yup the food lol. I have always had a passion of doing nails and it has been a hobby of mine since I was a child. Having my nails done and being able to create has always brought me joy, now I get to share that with the rest of the world!